#4 Vigor Over Lifelessness

Health and Fitness have been a huge part of my life for the last 5 years. Before that point I was overweight, lethargic, and I didn’t follow a code of vigor. I slept late, over-ate and just generally felt a sense of disease in my being. My spirit was restless. I had a fire inside of me that was smoldering because I wouldn’t stoke it, I wouldn’t channel it, and yet I couldn’t put it out. The disease of my physical inactivity led to disease of my mind and spirit. My mind followed my body into lethargy and my spirit became uninspired. Shutting off my fire and trying to stomp it out only made it manifest its self in self-destructive ways. Rather than running like a finely-tuned V8, my being was like a pack of firecrackers – mindlessly and violently exploding at random intervals before fading immediately into silence. I had anger problems, mood swings, and substance-abuse issues.

It took debilitating injury to make me appreciate the life and energy I’d been given. Bouncing back from nearly being crippled gave me an appreciation of the potential that was inherent in my being. I began to enjoy exerting energy on my environment. I began to shape myself in accordance with my own desire to become more than what I was.

As my body became stronger, my mind became stronger as well. I became more confident, self-assured and proud of who I was. My mental abilities seemed to increase as well. The more I focused on exercising my being, the more energy I had, the earlier I could wake up, and the better I felt.  My spirit began to yearn for more, and began to seek freedom from oppression. My body became my outlet to express the Raging inferno that has always been my character. My Spirit began to soar on the warm thermals generated by my physical activity, and my mind was ushered into the industrial age, with new inventions and ideas leading each other into existence.

Juxtaposing this, my emotions centered themselves, my mood stabilized, and my need to control others’ actions all but disappeared. I reached a point wherein I understood that it was my responsibility to make my life into what I truly wanted. I realized that if you put nothing out into the world, you get nothing in return. but, if you take steps to bring  joy, energy, love, and life into existence, that is what shall always return to you in one form or another.

Now, I understand that truly, whatever you strive for, whether good or ill, shall always return to you. Physical training is the most obvious way to prove this rule. It doesn’t matter who you are, what you have, or what you believe, if you challenge your body, it will respond by adapting to the new challenge. Lift weights and  become stronger. Run, and run longer and faster.  The simplicity of the rule is beautiful, and not only does it apply to physical training, but to every other facet of our complete beings as well. We challenge ourselves mentally, we adapt. We force ourselves to evolve spiritually by challenging ourselves with our beliefs and rituals.

Habit is what will inevitably lead to our downfall. If we get used to staying the same, then believe me, the universe is leaving us behind.

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