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I have played violin for over 15 years. I perform a variety of genres, including folk, alternative, bluegrass, celtic, blues, and rock. My current project is a hyper fusion of celtic melodies, blues riffs, psychedelic rock, and progressive house beats.

I play local bars and wineries often, but am available for other occasions including weddings, birthdays, end of life celebrations, fundraisers, and private events. You can watch me perform at the link below

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Web Design

I offer web design and development on Whidbey Island and in the greater Seattle area. Your online presence is key to your success. More and more people every day are making purchasing decisions based on the web presence a business possesses. A website is a first impression that should present  the business or individual it represents in the best manner possible.  I offer elegant, professional, functional, and proven website design and development services.

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Oil on Canvas

I paint original works using oil on canvas. I specialize in bold, impressionist landscapes as well as still life. Recently I have begun painting more subjective works, such as portraits or people and animals. I’ve also begun to venture more into abstract works and mixed media pieces. You can click the link below to view my gallery of works.

I am currently available to produce commissioned works.

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Alex Bonesteel - Offering Web Design, Development, SEO, and Marketing Services on Whidbey Island - Whidbey Island Web DesignAbout Alex Bonesteel

I believe that if we truly want to make the world a better place, it is incumbent upon us all to do good whenever and wherever we can.I live by the motto: “Everything you do or strive for, whether for good or for ill, shall return to you one day. Strive for the Good.”

My phone number is: 360.682.8850
My email is: alex@alexbonesteel.com

I’ve been a professional in the visual communications industry for over 6 years, and I have especially excelled in the fields of Web Design, SEO, Marketing, and Business Development. There is no greater joy for me than to see a business become more successful because of my efforts. Whether it be a website, or a promotional brochure, or social media management that gets them there. My clients are my friends and I take a personal stake in the success of every one. Just having a conversation with a business owner about the new trends in web design and development, SEO, or any other services I offer can be of great benefit, so give me a call at 360-682-8850 today.

I am a passionate musician who believes that music is the key to bringing people of differing beliefs together on common ground. I relish opportunities to to perform and share my music with the world.

I am also owner of Island Fitness and Nutrition is Freeland, WA.

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Welcome to the end of the beginning: a personal essay.

From the dawn of my awakening I have had one purpose, one goal, one drive, and that is to experience life to the utmost extent. To be present for every awe-inspiring, heart-wrenching, agonizing and beautiful moment. To live in harmony with Universal law and truth while still following the base human urge of striving to transcend it. To appreciate balance and dichotomy, to strive to find balance in my own life, while understanding that perfect balance is stasis, and true growth and evolution can only be born from chaos.Thus Chaos is the key to personal growth. Challenge and hardship is what forges our character to the greatest extent. We exercise our muscles, put them through trauma and hardship and they respond by becoming stronger. We endure emotional hardship and pain, and as long as it doesn’t break us, we become emotionally stronger and wiser. We put ourselves through intellectual challenge, and we grow and become smarter. We see, we hurt, and we become wiser. We challenge ourselves spiritually, constantly questioning the validity of our faith and beliefs, and we find peace and acceptance in our fate. Fate is indeed a cruel mistress, but beautiful and often misunderstood. And through our hard-fought lives, we should strive to know her. Everything we do or strive for, good or ill, shall return to us in some form or another. Strive for the good. Strive to bring beauty and happiness in the world. Not the fraudulent happiness of material wealth, shallow image, and of expectation realized, instead foster happiness of our own strength and power, of our own perspective and realization, and of our own pursuit of our true potential. Nurture the Universe in all it’s violence and gentle caress. Nurture the truth of what is and above all, challenge yourself. The universe is entropy, the steady evolution from stasis into chaos. Truly, if you are standing still, the universe is passing you by. Challenge what is possible and never allow yourself to get too comfortable, for comfort often breeds apathy, and apathy is death.

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