Alex Bonesteel and His Fiance Anna

About Alex Bonesteel

I believe that if we truly want to make the world a better place, it is incumbent upon us all to do good whenever and wherever we can. I live by the motto: “Everything you do or strive for, whether for good or for ill, shall return to you one day. Strive for the Good.”

I have over 12 years of intensive Digital Marketing experience. I was Chief Technical Officer of Northwest Public Relations, Inc., and President of Creative Professional Services, LLC. Currently, I hold the position of CEO with Rain City SEO. Over my career, I have developed a passion for helping businesses achieve their goals. I have honed my skill set to help Puget Sound businesses grow, increase revenue, improve customer experience, and provide the best service and products possible. I have a history of over 100 happy Puget Sound clients.

I am currently accepting new clients, so please give me a call if you’d like to generate more revenue and more customers for your business.

My email is My direct line is: (360)682-7484

I look forward to working with you!

Other Pursuits


I have played the violin for over 15 years. I perform a variety of genres, including folk, alternative, bluegrass, Celtic, blues, and rock. My current direction is a hyper fusion of Celtic melodies, blues riffs, psychedelic rock, and progressive house beats.

Additionally, I produce and perform mind-opening trance music and visuals. I just released my first trance album titled: “Chrysalis”.

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