The ancient moral code of Asatru.

Strength is better than weakness

There is no greater virtue than strength. Strength of mind, body, heart, and spirit. To be strong is to know oneself, to understand one’s own limitations. True strength is in knowing and accepting one’s weaknesses, and in maximizing and showing one’s strengths while remaining humble in the face of the universe. Strength is in doing what you know to be right, rather than what is easy. Strength is sacrifice, it is challenge, and it is in appreciating the feeling of loss, rather than resenting is.

Courage is better than cowardice

Courage is in seeking challenge, rather than avoiding it. It is striving rather than trying and living rather than dying. Courage is to feel fear, but not becoming paralyzed by. Courage is action in the face of hardship. Is is changing what one finds abhorrent in the world, rather than standing by and allowing it to fester. Courage is living on the edge of one’s capabilities . It is in constantly pushing oneself to the limit and breaking through the wall of arbitrary limitation.

Joy is better than guilt

To be joyful in the face of hardship is a great virtue. Life is not simple.It is both good and bad, both beautiful and ugly, both bright and dark, both pain and pleasure. You must take the good with the bad. Every hard moment makes you appreciate the easy moments, and every easy moment makes your spirit yearn for the hard moments. Remember joy as you travel through the night, and remember the coming dawn.

Honor is better than dishonor

Honor is in being true to oneself and one’s kin. It is making an oath and fulfilling it. It is in fostering a positive reputation and in leaving a proud legacy of right action. Honor is in knowing which battles to fight, and which to avoid.
Freedom is better than slavery
Kinship is better than alienation
Realism is better than dogmatism
Vigor is better than lifelessness
Ancestry is better than universalism