When I talk about TRUE SEO, I’m not talking about getting your website to the top of search results for a few different search terms, I’m talking about your entire website dominating the whole first page of search results across all the major search engines. when you search anything to do with blinds, window coverings, drapes, or any services involving those things combined with “Whidbey ” or “Whidbey island” Bayview Blinds pops up with the first 5 search results. That’s because I did their SEO. When a company has multiple search placement in the top 5 results, their web traffic triples compared to just having one top 5 result.

SEO is an aspect of any company’s web presence that is essential to improve. With more and more people shopping and searching  for businesses online, search placement has a direct impact on any company’s bottom line. Sites that rank higher on organic search results receive more visitors and generate more customers than sites that remain invisible at the bottom of search rankings.  The tendency of search engines to change their algorithms and standards means that the SEO that was done a year ago has long since been left in the dust.

SEO is my passion and I remain on the cutting edge. I maintain a webmaster relationship with Google and Bing that allows me much more control over how my sites appear in search. By tracking analytics and search placement, I constantly refine my approach for each site under my care.

Putting in the time to find the most effective keywords through research into thousands of pages of search data and reports I have access to via Webmaster accounts under my control is just the first step for effective SEO. Generating the correct keyword density, placement, and formatting is an artform, one that constantly changes, but one that I adapt myself to daily.

I offer SEO packages that range in price from $295 and up. Whatever your budget, I personally guarantee my work, and I know you will see immediate benefit from my efforts.

Call me at 360-632-2635 to have a simple conversation about SEO.