4 Rules From “The Fortress”

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I believe that we all hold within ourselves a core of being. A place that is ours and ours alone. How we treat this core, and how we understand it has a huge impact on whether we are able to deal with the traumatic and life altering hardships that fate may send our way. This core, if maintained, strengthened, and provisioned, can be source of the utmost strength and perseverance, and more than that, it can give us the confidence to show empathy and mercy. If neglected and left to rot, the core can become a poison in our veins,…

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A poem for the season

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From my perspective as a follower of Fjorn Sidr (The Old Custom), the themes of the Vernal Equinox are Renewal, Rebirth, and Fertility. This is a time to find balance between the darkness and want of Winter, and the light and plenty or Summer. We have survived the darkness and cold, now the beauty and life of spring and summer are right around the corner. It’s a celebration of the tipping point from darkness into light, from coldness into warmth, from resignation into hope. I find it intriguing that the Christian theme for Easter, which is resurrection (rebirth), so closely…

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