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New Music

I’m currently working on a new album titled “What Are We Fighting For?”. It’s a blend of Celtic melodies, blues riffs, psychedelic rock, and progressive house. Here’s a sample: https://alexbonesteel.com/music/

Primal Island – An amazing local business

For over twenty years, Marybeth Dickerson, owner and founder of Primal Island Foods, LLC has been on a journey towards health and happiness.  She’ll tell you, there have been some twists and turns along the way. She embraced a number of food philosophies from  vegetarian/vegan to The Westin A. Price Foundation, then finally landing on […]

Warrior Dash St Jude’s Fundraiser was a huge success

Well everyone, our St Jude’s Fundraiser is finally over. Melissa and I ran the Bonney Lake Warrior Dash a little over a week ago. We ran through forest and mudhole, went under ground, leaped over cargo nets, jumped over fire and crawled under barbed wire en route to a very good time of under 40 […]

New Flavor

I just changes my website to a new flavor. I call this one, “Cool and Clean”. As a web developer and designer, it’s important that I showcase my skills on my own site. I hope this site will demonstrate modern responsive design.   Cheers


I believe that if we truly want to make a better world, it is incumbent on us all to do good wherever we can. I live by the motto: “All that which you do or strive for, whether for good or for ill, shall return to you one day. Strive for the good.” I was 6 years […]

4 Rules From “The Fortress”

I believe that we all hold within ourselves a core of being. A place that is ours and ours alone. How we treat this core, and how we understand it has a huge impact on whether we are able to deal with the traumatic and life altering hardships that fate may send our way. This […]

A poem for the season

From my perspective as a follower of Fjorn Sidr (The Old Custom), the themes of the Vernal Equinox are Renewal, Rebirth, and Fertility. This is a time to find balance between the darkness and want of Winter, and the light and plenty or Summer. We have survived the darkness and cold, now the beauty and […]